To view the Central Bureau of Narcotics website in Hindi, you are required to install  Hindi Font on your system for the first instance (Unless you remove this font from your system). This font is available for download.


  • Click here to download the Hindi Font  to your computer. When prompted by your browser, choose save this file to your computer.

Step 2

  • Unzip this file in a particular directory on your system. This will extract font files in that particular directory. If you don't have pkunzip or winzip software, you can download the same from winzip site.

Step 3

  • Open Control Panel. Double Click the Fonts Icon. Select File->Install New Font and select the directory where you have unzipped the Hindi font file. Alternatively you can copy the ttf files to c:\windows\fonts. This will add the extracted fonts to your system fonts.

Step 4

  • Restart your Browser (You don't need to restart your computer).


  • In case you experience with Hindi characters not appearing correctly or may be appearing mixed with some ghost characters, follow the steps given below to correct this problem :-

  • Netscape Navigator User :-

    1. Choose View from the menu bar of your browser.
    2. Choose Character Set if you are using Ver 4.5 or Encoding if any earlier version.
    3. Select User Defined from the list displayed.

  • Internet Explorer User :-

    1. Choose View from the Menu bar of your browser.
    2. Choose font if you are using IE 4.0 or less, otherwise choose Encoding.
    3. Select User Defined from the list displayed.

If you still have any difficulty with the downloading / installation of Hindi font, contact narcom@sancharnet.in

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